The Generation 5 My Little Pony Episode Guide (2024)

The Generation 5 My Little Pony Episode Guide (1)

This is a comprehensive viewing guide for Generation 5 My Little Pony media. With dozens of episodes across multiple shows and platforms, as well as comics, games and other media, it can get a bit confusing. If you're new to G5 or catching up on it, this guide should be helpful to you.

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This guide is updated regularly. If there are issues or errors, or if you have suggestions, please mention them in the comments.

The main section of the guide includes the main 3D animated media, My Little Pony: A New Generation, My Little Pony: Make Your Mark and My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale; officially licensed comics by IDW Publishing; and My Little Pony: The Podcast. Most episodes are listed according to the order in which they were released, if the events that occur in them and the episode numbering don't indicate a different order. Books, video games, soundtracks and future content are listed separately.

Where content is officially available for free, YouTube and Apple Podcasts links are provided below. In other cases, a subscription or purchase is required. A New Generation can be streamed on Netflix, or bought or rented through video-on-demand services. Make Your Mark can be streamed on Netflix. Comics by IDW Publishing can be purchased through Amazon, Apple Books, Things From Another World, and other book and e-book stores.

Tell Your Tale episodes have been released in English on two different YouTube channels. Episodes 1–49 of season 1 were first released on My Little Pony Official, and later episodes were first released on the My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale channel. This guide links to My Little Pony Official for episodes 1–39 of season 1 only, avoiding videos that include compilations of other episodes after the credits. Episodes 1–40 of season 1 are also available on Netflix.

A New Generation, Make Your Mark and Tell Your Tale are each available in about 30 languages. Most dubs are officially available on Netflix or on separate YouTube channels. In several languages, official dubs of A New Generation are not available on Netflix and have only been shown on TV channels.


‼️Film or 44-minute special
Part of the main story and/or referenced in later episodes
🎵First appearance of a song
⏱️Released out of order
💩Humor that may be unsuitable for adults

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A New Generation

  • My Little Pony: A New Generation ‼️ 🎵×7

Spring 2022

Make Your Mark Chapter 1

Summer 2022

Make Your Mark Chapter 2

  • Make Your Mark C02 E01– "Izzy Does It" ❗ 🎵×2
  • Make Your Mark C02 E02– "Growing Pains" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C02 E03– "Portrait of a Princess" ❗ 🎵×2
  • Make Your Mark C02 E04– "Ali-Conned" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C02 E05– "The Cutie Mark Mix-Up" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C02 E06– "The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C02 E07– "Hoof Done It?" ❗ 🎵
  • Make Your Mark C02 E08– "Have You Seen This Dragon?" ❗ 🎵

Fall 2022

During this time, podcast episodes were released every Wednesday, and Tell Your Tale episodes were released every Thursday. These groups of episodes mostly don't affect each other, so they're ordered separately instead of according to release date.

Make Your Mark Chapter 3

Winter 2022–23

Spring 2023

Comics that probably take place before Make Your Mark Chapter 4

Presumably for logistical reasons, the events shown in the comics often lag behind the release schedules of the shows. Since My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue takes place before Make Your Mark Chapter 4, most other comics released in the same time period (i.e. July–December 2023) are also being placed in this section to reflect the delay.

  • IDW My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special comic: "Tales of Dream Valley" (the rest of this comic is not set in the G5 universe)
  • IDW My Little Pony: Camp Bighoof comics– issues 1–5
  • IDW My Little Pony comics– issues 16–20 (Vol. 4: Sister Switch)
  • IDW My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue comic ⏱️

Make Your Mark Chapter 4

The episodes "Bridlewoodstock" and "Cutie Blossom Bash" are actually supposed to take place in the order shown here, but the release schedule was changed during production.

  • Make Your Mark C04 E02– "Top Remodel" ❗ 🎵
  • Make Your Mark C04 E03– "The Jinxie Games" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C04 E04– "Sunny Side Up" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C04 E05– "The Manesquerade Ball" ❗ 🎵
  • Make Your Mark C04 E06– "A Little Horse" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C04 E07– "Missing the Mark" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C05 E01– "Cutie Blossom Bash" ❗ ⏱️
  • Tell Your Tale S01 E54– "I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain(bows)"
  • Make Your Mark C04 E01– "Bridlewoodstock" ‼️ 🎵×2
  • Tell Your Tale S01 E55– "Bridlewoodstock" 🎵
  • Tell Your Tale S01 E56– "Diva and Conquer"
  • IDW My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock comic

Summer 2023

Make Your Mark Chapter 5

Due to the release schedule change mentioned above, the first three episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 6 are assumed to take place after "Nightmare on Mane Street" and before "Lavarynth".

  • Make Your Mark C05 E02– "Family Trees Pt. 1" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C05 E03– "Family Trees Pt. 2" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C05 E04– "Father of the Bridlewood" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C05 E05– "Mane Smelody" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C05 E06– "Nightmare on Mane Street" ❗
  • Make Your Mark C06 E01– "The Isle of Scaly" ❗ 🎵 ⏱️
  • Make Your Mark C06 E02– "Roots of All Evil Pt. 1" ❗ ⏱️
  • Make Your Mark C06 E03– "Roots of All Evil Pt. 2" ❗ 🎵×2 ⏱️

Fall 2023

Make Your Mark Chapter 6

  • Make Your Mark C06 E04– "Secrets of Starlight" ‼️ 🎵×2
  • Tell Your Tale S01 E68– "Crystal Ball"

Winter 2023


Soundtrack albums

The only music streaming service that has all of the soundtrack albums available for free is Spotify (an account is required). YouTube Music has a free tier but does not have all of the albums, and its regional availability is more limited.

The songs "Every New Day (Is the Best Day Ever)" and "Bestie Life" haven't been released on streaming services yet.

Other official media

In most cases, the stories in these media are standalone and haven't been acknowledged in other G5 media yet. This section does not include media without a story (such as the game My Little Pony World) or adaptations of previous media with no new content.

  • My Little Pony: Virtual Magic. The first 6 chapters of this VR book take place before My Little Pony: A New Generation, and the 18th and last chapter takes place immediately after it. The book is based on the film and chapters 7 to 17 are adapted directly from it. The book can't be purchased separately from the VR hardware, and for some reason it's written in present tense and has a bunch of typos. The product can be purchased on Amazon.
  • My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure. This video game takes place after My Little Pony: A New Generation, but its story was developed independently of that of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, so it doesn't fit into the main timeline. The game is available on Windows through Steam and on game consoles. It was also purchasable for the now-defunct Google Stadia for exactly three months.
  • My Little Pony: Easter Egg Surprise!. This book takes place shortly after My Little Pony: A New Generation. The book is available as a paperback. In the compilation My Little Pony: Treasury of Stories, a modified version is included as Izzy's Big Surprise (with the references to Easter removed). The book is available as a hardcover.
  • Princess for a Day, a 32-minute audio-only "sleep story" narrated by Sofia Carson as Pipp. This is a tie-in to My Little Pony: A New Generation and takes place after the events of the film. It's not really a story and is more like an in-universe meditation aid, though it does contain some random bits of lore. You can listen to it on Calm (an account is required), or download the audio file of it as M4A or WAV.
  • I Can Read Comics Level 1 book series: My Little Pony: Sunny's Day, My Little Pony: Izzy Comes Home, My Little Pony: Sister Switch, and My Little Pony: Detective Hitch. These short graphic novels take place after My Little Pony: A New Generation, but probably before My Little Pony: Make Your Mark. The books are available as paperbacks and as e-books.
  • Sunny Starscout's Book of Adventure (My Little Pony Official Guide). This guidebook is presented as a journal from Sunny's perspective. It describes events depicted in My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony: Make Your Mark chapters 1 and 2, and also depicts Sunny's emotions, opinions and theories. The book is available as a paperback and as an e-book.
  • My Little Pony: Mane Merge. The events of this video game occur concurrently with My Little Pony: Make Your Mark. The game is exclusive to the subscription service Apple Arcade, and is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. The game will probably become available for Apple Vision Pro in February 2024.

Future content

This section lists all known future content.

  • Q1–Q4 2024: Tell Your Tale S02 E02–52 ❗
  • Q1–Q2 2024: IDW My Little Pony: Kenbucky Roller Derby comics– issues 1–5
  • March 2024: IDW My Little Pony: Mane Event comic
  • 2024: IDW My Little Pony: Set Your Sail comics– issues 1–5
  • 2024: Other IDW My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale comics
  • 2024: Unnamed console video game
The Generation 5 My Little Pony Episode Guide (2024)


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